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Site audit


In order for the site to become a real helper in the activities of a company or organization, it is not enough just to create. The existence of the site, no one can know. To ensure that the site was to bring the financial results, you need to promote it, that is to do it with the introduction of a specific request by one of the first in a search engine. It is in this way, users of the global network by entering the required query into the search box will somehow bump into a link, which runs through, they will appear on the pages of your website.

Choosing a way forward

Web site promotion can be done several ways, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one of them depends on the scope of the site and has a number of other factors. It should be very serious about the legality of the chosen method, as far promotion of websites can also be done by illegal means, the detection of which, the search engine may even strike out this site from a list of queries issued.


Legal methods sometimes do not bring quick results. Their use involves a lot of the time and financial resources. The result of such a move although not immediately visible, but then, once the number of visitors to the site will grow to an optimum number, it will retain its position for a long time.

Recommendations professionals

By the legal methods by which to promote online sites are:

  • permanent filling of the site new and interesting information for users. All text, or as professionals "content" should be unique and written by literate literary language.
  • placement on other sites with the same quality of information links that will lead to your site;
  • the creation of a mailing that will completely relate to the site that, either way, will result in additional traffic;
  • Contextual advertising, whose appearance at the site will increase the number of targeted visitors.

There are other legal ways in which professionals are promoting website on the Internet, but the above are the most simple and effective of them.

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