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Virtual Keyboard

Anyone who uses a Tablet PC knows the difficulties of using the onscreen keyboard data devices. First of all, the keys themselves are on-screen keyboard is too tiny form that actually prevents plozhotvorno to work with the tablet for people with big fingers and a few broken coordinated movements. As well as on-screen keyboard takes up almost half of the screen, leaving a little space to display the desired disk imaging. However, the firm Fujitsu has ready-made solution for the above difficulties, and this decision is a virtual keyboard that can successfully replace the on-screen keyboard tablet PC.

Virtual keyboard allows users to Fujitsu tablet computers and typing commands without the need for finger-pointing at the screen adaptation. What is the principle of the device? In actual fact, all very simply, the user puts their own hands in the coverage area of ​​the front camera tablet and makes your hands move as if it prints text.

Should see that the proper development of Fujitsu really stands out from the choice of the virtual keyboard, which use lasers to reddish drawing silhouettes of the buttons on the plane. Fujitsu system with the camera quite accurately describes the position of the hands, fingers user and tracks their movements, describing in what place the user presses the keyboard, especially if there lay an ordinary physical keyboard. Another special characteristics of the virtual keyboard from Fujitsu is the fact that its operation does not require virtually no additional equipment.

One of the problems in the implementation of similar systems is that in fact any person acting with the keyboard from my point of view, not as a professor typist. Specifically, because the system Fujitsu need to teach under any exact user, adapt it to your personal distinctive features of the buttons.

The company Fujitsu yet is still in the research stage of the virtual keyboard, and improve it. It appears, in fact in the upcoming versions in the system still seems a laser projector that will display an image button on the working plane. Similarly, it is even possible, then, that the system will be used specialized plastic sheet with images of buttons that actually allow to align and streamline the movement of the fingers user.

In conclusion, I want to emphasize that the bulk of the advanced phones and tablet computers have front camera, which used a system Fujitsu. A consequence of this should be expected, that actually in the next two or three years, these technologies have all chances to gain wide distribution.