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Google Glass

Google has dispelled the fear generated among potential users of the computer points Google Glass. The company told the ropes, as will protect the private life of the gadget owners and anyone who gets in their way.

On the official website of the gadget company Google has posted answers to questions about the most famous Google Glass. Most company has paid great attention to the protection of privacy in the application of the device, because the specific data voprostsa caused most concern.

Google Glass - «smart" glasses, which is mounted in a frame and a tiny portable computer screen, which is under the right eye. The gadget is capable of almost everything is possible with the support of his quarry in webe, use the navigation, to inspect e-mail and calendar, make calls and send SMS, and also to do a photo shoot video. The final possibility is most concerned about population: Google closer to repeatedly appealed with a claim to explain how the people around the user, armed with Google Glass, it is possible to protect yourself from shooting, prompts the secret filming of the camera.

Google emphasizes, in fact the video by almost Glass can be called a secret: in order to achieve the desired result will need to say "OK, Glass, take off your photo / video" or at least push the button, located on the bow points. Also, the firm said the actual length of the video on the gadget will be cut down to 10 seconds.

"We look to it, so that your information is correct and is protected by all that is almost always available. Personally, you realize control what information will be shared with Google Glass », - emphasize adherents Google.

In order to protect users when the gadget is lost or stolen, the company also acquired a measure giving the holders of points likelihood remotely delete all information stored on the device, or downloaded off the addition of, for example Gmail or Twitter. Apart from all this, users have all the chances to track the location of your lost points online. At the moment, Google oprobyvali some more varieties of locks Glass.

It is quite apparent violations of privacy and users themselves Google Glass, and those who framed them, excites rivals gadget long time ago. Recall, in fact at the beginning of May 2013 eight members of the United States Congress sent the letter head of Google Larry Page, in which begged to explain how the company is going to avoid the inadvertent collection of these in the absence of the preparatory consent of users. In a short time these messages prescribed regulators 6 more states.

The company has identified, in fact Glass is not a means of creation "augmented reality."

The gadget is prepared for both non-resident to simplify the control of the planet over the technology, including the screen and the "wise" points by default is not enabled.

"Paradoxically, although almost all of the people he borrowed Glass few weeks, told, actually decreased and successfully use their own gadgets, as they began to receive only the information they need Koya, and right there and then, as soon as this comfortable, and then continued to engage in their own affairs, "- says the news of Google.

Besides all this, Google announced some new developments: the company develops design frames, which will give the opportunity of cooperating with Google Glass lenses to correct vision.

Google Glass will appear in the implementation of the first in 2014, at the moment it for $ 1500 have all chances to get a program partners Glass Explorer.

Glass Explorer program was launched in the beginning of June 2012, about two thousand people signed up for her role in the conference Google I / O. All of them offer experience nudged firm Glass, then expanding the category of "testers" to 8 thousand people. Currently, the firm continues to increase the number of testers.

Russian nick in the meantime have a good chance to look for the Google Glass from afar, "the wise glasses" are currently available only in the United States, and the company continues to focus directly on the South American market.