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Every day, the light appears a ton of blogs. These blogs occur thousands fresh daily have been used. Or, wait a minute ... Maybe not those too fresh? Global surf the net, I drew attention to one interesting pattern: people tend to imitate each other, but even that sometimes imitation is global in nature and we have to be echoing the view of the waves. As a result, in fact the same theme thumb in hundreds of blogs, without bringing all of this, little or no benefit. This topic dignify pop - stylish trend of wearing a short temper, but is picked up by tyschami. Now we will look around one method of how to "pop" to arrange a "masterpiece", stand out in the future similar clones and gain acceptance in the middle of the readers.

The origins of "pop"

To immediately grasp the subject, in the absence of excessive abstraction, let's look around the situation on the exact circumstances. Blogging and moderating blogs at the moment - a popular work, although this does not pop, because it has a large number of forms, goals, objectives and missions. This work is work, calling, receiving podsoblyaet people share information. Write about blogging or writing posts for blogs-craze most narrow, although as before, having different readership, objectives, tasks and deepening the level of the topic. Write about how to install one of the most famous engines of hosting, stating, WordPress, rather than about a thousand times have already spelled out - that's already given pop in pure form.

All the while, as in blogging comes a beginner, choosing a theme blogging or earnings on the Internet, and begins to write (and more often, rewritten, unnecessarily price on writing posts for the blog

Already arranged with the customer) items that he already wrote other, it is just a drop in the wake of that, Koya constantly beats the information flow in the "bank" of readers.

As a result, the light can be seen another faceless resource that does not carry little or no value for the audience in the famous top request is almost impossible to break out, and there is too little space, and people read in an unknown resource about about than it is possible to find out influential sources, there is no sense.

The distinctive wave pop off just for beginners bloggers. Almost all of the yearlings webmasters among other things often likened to a stylish trends. For example, as soon as the light was seen key "1" from Google, the same information about how to set it raged in acres of copies. And already imagine a reader who signed a 10-bit s thematic blogs. How do you think, how it will be good to clean up debris disk imaging monotypical outlining the same thing?

Solving the problem

In fact, the decision may be a little bit. One of the most active - this removed from the mat la cliché, expand it to fill additional information. In the history of blogging, for example, the first step was made ​​by people who in their own mother-Lah outlined WordPress installation is not on the hosting, and Denver, Ksamp and other platforms.

This is also when the partition to examine how it is used, where to install, what with the installation or layout have all chances to be difficulties, and explain it all, it has been used will be the most important and necessary for the readers, and readers prefer the materials required.

The second option is ready to become a solution to the problem statement of mat-la in a nontraditional way. This touches at least some topics of the blog. In fact, with almost no value, actually talking guru and influential people in their own areas. As long as you have your position, backed by the arguments and precedents, the challenging "the most powerful of this world," You can not just stand out at all, after all, call a social response, but this is not already huhry-muhry.

Yes, you have every chance to be considered fledgling upstart, silly, heretic - anyone, although you will know, and when your position will be contrary to generally accepted attitudes and, especially, if you're right, then you will not really know just but also to read, and to take seriously. Stamp newcomer - a temporary action, it sharply goes, and your name remain. The main thing in this situation - not really argue with a healthy, because, first of all, to argue with that interesting, as well as, the readers have every chance to question your adequacy, and this more closely defined bust.

First post on this blog, in the introductory part of copywriting, dignify corny, but it bothered me to tell their own individual look at the creation of words. At this point, the work of the Governing copywriting department of a solid company, I do assure you, I have not actually made ​​a mistake even then, as soon started to position copywriting is not simply a set of characters for the Internet (like almost all addicted to position it) as something most - as the solution to problems with words.

Please submit your opinion, almost all bloggers who are not afraid to throw the challenge practices that spread rot angry envious in Zapyataev explanations over the years and get a decent soar in popularity, recognition and credibility. And those who are just going through the motions, but continue to watch with dismay hit counters, complaining about the unfairness of life and its vygorazhivaya fiasco.

By the way, jealousy is used as a powerful lever for the elevation, about what I already wrote in the article "Envy in copywriting: pros, cons, and how to fight her."

The main

When creating a masterpiece of pop music, and in any other mat-le, the main thing - to bring something of their own, something fresh. In particular, and as long as you are not able to add anything of the newest, you are given the opportunity to fill that was used by Prof. own style, prescribe syumorom, this time it is appropriate, or encourage your readers to proving the word.

Standing out in a different perspective, you are providing a considerable disservice not only to yourself at all, and your reciters who continually undergo an information appetite. The original and relevant content - this pudding, which is valued permanently.