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Design and Printing

Design - a set of specific graphic elements, different text fonts and colors that give the site personality. The first thing that a user faces, going to the site, it is the design. Depends on the design of the first impression about a particular Internet site, as well as a desire to take advantage of their potential customer to make a purchase, the order of service, or other interests. So, as far as the development of website design has been implemented efficiently, will depend on the success of the web site and its popularity among users.

Basic principles

The level design should inspire respect to people who saw it, was filled with confidence in the information and the content that is available on the website. In many cases, the quality of design, the user defines how much the company is well established, and decide for yourself whether it is suitable for work and further cooperation.

Visual approach

Like any other process, the production design of the site requires some knowledge and experience. Even at first glance, this simple arrangement of different pictures and decorations must be "packaged" so that the average person can easily navigate to the page. In order for a site look truly respectable and graphic elements should be diluted with elements of navigation and control, as well having a certain appearance. It is necessary to ensure their unity, that is, when viewing the site should occur the impression that they are all in some way complement each other, not compete with each other.

Technical Approach

In addition to these subtleties of the process it is also necessary to take into account, for whom and under development in the future, users who have roughly the same ability to view the various pages will use the site and what difficulties they may encounter in the course of this review. That's why in addition to the visual approach to the design must be technical. Since the online network graphics is a file with a sufficiently large amount of content. From this entirely depends page load time Internet resource. And the fact that the majority of users have access to the Internet over telephone lines, leads to the fact that different graphic elements crowded site will load very long. That is why the need for working through graphical content pages and use only the relevant technology also plays a very important role in this process.

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