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Applications for Windows

What is a computer

To sum up, this is a complex electronic machine that performs the tasks specified person. At the physical level - is a set of components that allows you to run software code. With the increasing complexity of software code, the need to create a kind of computer program cover. This envelope should simplify the work of an inexperienced user computer science, so that it can perform highly specialized tasks without thinking about how to respond to that machine. Shell program called the operating system.

The computer today is used in virtually all areas of modern society. With it, perform complex calculations, modeling systems and the usual workflow. And in a huge industrial enterprise and small office equipment with the dialogue is conducted through the operating envelope.

Operating system  

This is a set of programs that controls the computer's hardware resources, organizes the process of working with files, performs execution of applications and allows a variety of input and output data.

At the dawn of operating systems known to have appeared OS / 2, MS-DOS, but now they are active users is low. Today, the most common operating systems-Windows of two families   and   Unix, which includes   Mac   OS   and   Linux.

Applications to the OS

The customer may need to create a software product to solve a personal problem, which is absent in the software market. Then there is a need to develop application specific operating system.

Most applications are developed for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Often, the customer does not have to change the operating system, even when writing complex programs, as it was originally selected for specific purposes and for the solution of problems of his business. The application developer simply creates the appropriate software, so to integrate the customer's application could access the hardware and efficiently send and receive data without interfering with its operating envelope. This is important, because basically put the OS to protect the entire system from unauthorized access. Therefore, so as not to compromise the security of important quality to implement the application.

Cloud OS

In conclusion, I must say that today a new word in the operating systems was the concept of "cloud" operating system. Such a system is not installed directly on the user's computer and downloaded through the Internet to any computer device. The advantages of such a system is called availability at any time and from any device to the data set and its programs and considerable savings of resources. Experts believe that in the future such systems will be leading.

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